The big news this past week is that the new train Mombasa – Nairobi – Mombasa has just opened. We are getting reports that many people have been left stranded at the station because of over booking.  However, the possibility of doing the journey in only 4 and a half hours is enticing and the price is reasonable 700 Kshs for economy (7 USD) or first class 3000 Kshs (30 USD). The alternative is either flying at a prohibitive cost – it varies between 15,000 Kshs (150 USD) to 45,000 Kshs (450 USD) depending on time and availability.  The other choice would be a road trip that can take up to 8h or more and sections of the road are in poor state. Therefore the train possibility looks promising.

I found a good website that gives specific information on traveling by train on this route but I will have a desperate expat wife test it for us in due time.

Here is the link:  (just select Kenya from train travel in Africa)

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