What am I reading this month?

This month I read two war novels by Jennifer Robson:

Somewhere in France

After the War is over

I found these novels quite interesting. Jennifer Robson studied History at Oxford. Her novels are well researched and give an insight of life in Britain and at the front in France during the First World war.  Although there is an element of romance in her story she brings us through her female characters to the role of perceived injustice that women endured in society in those days where for example a woman could study at Oxford but she would not be awarded any recognition at the end of the degree.

There are also unusual roles women performed during the war, as ambulance drivers that gives you a different perspective on what happened during the war and support roles as nurses are described in detail through the emotional upheaval those women endured and sustained in order to carry out their duty.

Robson manages to give you a glimpse of romance intertwined with the horror of war, and this softens at times the description of the deplorable conditions, the casualties and injuries the men and women endured while on active duty. The end has always left me slightly hanging for more but all in all I have enjoyed those novels and learnt a lot about conditions during the war. Robson has written more novels to follow and her characters are present throughout the different novels.